We provide a professional, accessible and confidential counselling and psychotherapy service. All clients are given the time and space to bring whatever issues they want and to discuss things at their own pace.

We work to the ethical codes of practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). All of us are members of one or other of these professional associations.

You will be offered an initial exploratory appointment in order for you and your counsellor to begin identifying issues that it would be helpful to work on in your sessions together. At this stage you will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the therapy and to find out what it involves. For some people it is helpful at this time to talk about how many sessions of therapy they might want; or it may be more appropriate to leave this open. All these things can be discussed in your first session with your counsellor.

As Mindfulness teachers we adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses.