Change can come through acceptance, as well as understanding. We can be gentle, rather than judgmental  with our fears and failings and may find that life becomes kinder in response to this and that paradoxically we are enabled to be active and decisive as well.

I run regular courses in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and we have also devised ‘Revisiting Mindfulness’ courses for those who have attended a course and would like to take the practice to a deeper level, or to gain some insight into the source of the tradition.

Sometimes, keeping up your practice on your own, without support from the learning group, is quite a hard and lonely task. It can be useful to have a refresher session or two, discussing ways in which you can support your practice.  Mindfulness is a life-changing (and lifelong) process, and it can help to talk over some of the issues which emerge from this.

I meet regularly with a supervisor to make sure that my work is ethical and effective, but our discussions will not identify you.

My background? From landscape design and gardening, running a small business for 25 years, I changed direction, and have become more involved in social and environmental areas. I have extensive experience in team management and group process.  In 2009 I completed an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention at the University of Oxford and am now active within local Green politics.

Fee per 50 minute session: £50.