My recent career has included being a counsellor, coach and coach supervisor, where I have been particularly interested in self-esteem and identity and how we perceive ourselves in the world – I believe we all have capacity for personal growth and self development. Learning to tap into our potential can help us feel more comfortable in ourselves, and more confident to make changes. As part of my coaching I work with doctors on career issues and dilemmas.

Since 2010 I have also been a mindfulness practitioner and began my journey as a mindfulness teacher, experiencing for myself how mindfulness practices can help with wellbeing and contentment. I regularly facilitate on our Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses. See our Mindfulness page for details of upcoming courses.

I fully adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers and to the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Right now I am unable to take on any new counselling clients. Please enquire for coaching.

What clients have said about working with me:

‘I felt stuck and dissatisfied, but unable to say why. Talking to you, sometimes in a muddled way that wasn’t really what I meant, helped me to be clearer about how I felt……Once I had managed to say how I felt to you, then I had the words to start talking to my friends more deeply. And I could have imaginary conversations with you, too. You helped me to unlock the language I’d lost.’

‘If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure how much you would be able to help before coming to see you. I hoped that you would, but I had no experience of seeking help/advice like this before and my expectations were uncertain. Now, I’m utterly convinced of the value that a skilled professional can bring to help deal with the problems that life throws at you. I’d instantly recommend anyone seek help in this way if they were dealing with difficulties. Even more certainly I’d point them to you.’

‘I feel in a different place. My partner says I’ve blossomed!’

‘I’m really glad I did this. I was quite anxious about taking the step to see you. I feel much better about myself and the situation I’m in. January is usually a horrible month – it’s been much better this year.’

‘I saw Barbara for coaching. I felt I was in control of what we discussed and the direction we took. She asked what seemed like simple questions, but a door opened and the light flooded in.’